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Greaseless Mold Carrier and Alignment System

The Smartline® system employs rollers that run atop a stationary saddle affixed to the press tie bars, eliminating wear and the need for grease. Using the Smartline System, molds with critical parting line alignment run longer without maintenance. Leader pins and mold alignment components last longer. Clean molding applications run without greasing the tie-bars.

Scientific Cooling* Classes

This comprehensive 2-day class is for designers, mold builders, tooling engineers, and mold technicians who want to better understand and control the effects of mold cooling resulting in a more robust mold design, mold build, and molding process.

*Scientific Cooling is a Service Mark of Burger & Brown Engineering


New Flowmeter! Tracer®vm with User Interface

Vortex Shedding Technology is new with the advanced color LCD display, all the same functions you rely on, and a volume totalizer in the Tracer®vm with User Interface. >>

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Turbulent Flow Calculator

Improve heat transfer with turbulent flow. Our online calculator will help you estimate the amount of water flow required to achieve efficient cooling. >>

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TRACER®vm Flowmeter

The TracerVM Flowmeter is a non-display sensor that provides a 0.5 to 3.5 Volt outputs for process temperature and flow rate. >>

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