High Temperature Low Flow Indicators

High Temperature Low Flow Indicator

Smartflow® High Temperature Low Flow Indicators are designed to show the presence of cooling media movement in very low flow applications. This high temperature indicator comprises a high-visibility impeller and robust flow body designed for punishing duty.

High Temperature, Low Flow Indicators are ideal for use in critical injection mold cooling circuits such as bubblers or baffles where flow is restricted and effective cooling is essential.

We recommend using only extremely clean cooling water through the attached channels to reduce the buildup of deposits that adhere quickly in high temperature cooling circuits. Scale deposits can coat the inside of cooling water channels, effectively creating barrier insulation preventing efficient heat transfer.

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Features and Benefits

  • 3/8"NPT or 3/8"BSPP threaded connections
  • 204°C (400°F) temperature rating allows installation into difficult mold cooling applications.
  • 17.2bar (250psi) pressure rating satisfies most pressurized water system requirements.
  • 0.3 - 4 LPM (0.08 - 1 GPM) effective flow range
  • Stainless Steel body resists corrosion.
  • Compact size works well in restricted-space locations.
  • Bi-Directional - flow indicator works with flow from either direction. (Observe one-way flow direction when using optional flow regulator.)
  • Add High Temperature Flow Regulator for additional process control.