FasTie® Installation Example

This example is just one of the many ways the FasTie® Ejector Tie-In System may be used in an injection molding machine. Use your imagination and the FasTie to customize your unique manufacturing situation.

The press in the photos is an all-electric machine with four positions for ejector bars. Each position is populated with a FasTie Coupler (FTF-50) and a FasTie Center Adapter (FTCA-63M-0.5). The couplers are mounted back on the machine ejector plate to avoid interference with the mold if coupler positions are not in use. The Mold in the example has 2 ejector bar locations in the horizontal orientation. Only the horizontal couplers are used with this mold. All couplers are connected to one air manifold and operate simultaneously.

The photo to the left, shows the clamp closing during mold installation. When the clamp shuts completely, the FasTie Coupler will lock down upon the FasTie Stud. "B" half of the mold must be clamped to the press. The FasTie components will stay locked together through press operation until the mold is removed. When shop air is applied, all couplers will release at once.

The photo to the right, shows the non-operator side of the platen. The Air Manifold is secured to a convenient spot on the press and the supply air is connected to the end. A manual shut-off valve controls the air supply to the couplers

The FasTie® Ejector Tie-In System helps injection molders connect and disconnect ejector systems in a fraction of the time required with solid, threaded in ejector bars!