Ferrogard Magnetic Water Filter

General Description

Smartflow® Ferrogard™ Filter

Smartflow® Ferrogard™ Filter removes contaminant particles smaller than one micron from process cooling fluids and hydraulic systems. This includes the smallest and most abrasive particles that are responsible for the destructive chain reaction of wear.

Injection molds often have small cooling water paths that are easily blocked by rust and machining debris. Cooling lines incorporating bubblers and baffles are particularly susceptible to blockage from rust and corrosion traveling through water lines. A Ferrogard installed in the incoming water path will trap these metallic contaminants before they enter a mold, keeping your internal cooling passages clear during processing.

Used in injection molding cooling water and hydraulic systems, the Ferrogard extends the life of injection molds, manifolds, hoses, pumps, heaters, and chillers that are vulnerable to wear caused by fine ferrous debris

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