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Injection Molding Supplies

DME Company an essential resource to the plastics industry worldwide, offers the industry's broadest range of market-leading mold technologies, a global logistics infrastructure that ensures speed and accuracy, and a support organization with unsurpassed knowledge and expertise that assists customers when and where they need it. A complete line of mold bases, quick-change mold systems, mold components, mold making and molding equipment and supplies, industrial supplies, hot runner systems, control systems, and technical services helps customers achieve success every step of the way.



Thermal Imaging for Manufacturing Industries

Thermal imaging cameras are used at manufacturing facilities for inspecting a countless number of production equipment and components as well as the complete electrical power supply system.
An infrared image including accurate temperature data provides the maintenance expert with important information about the condition of the inspected object. Inspections are done with the production process in full operation. In many cases the use of a thermal imaging camera can help optimize the production process itself.




Injection Molding Machines

Maruka / TOYO is proud to be part of the Burger & Brown Engineering Technology Team. Like Burger & Brown Engineering, Maruka / TOYO is continuously in pursuit of advancement for the Injection Molding Industry. The Si-6S Series Fully Electric Injection Molding Machine is just an example of the research and development that we have invested into the machine in the pursuit of a truly technological advanced electric molding machine.

The Si-6S will provide you with the highest Quality, Precision and Repeatability available in the industry.  When you are looking for solutions to your everyday issues, look to Maruka / TOYO for molding solutions. For more information, please visit our website at



Industrial Chillers and Custom Heat Transfer Systems from Opti Temp

Innovative industrial liquid chillers, air cooled chillers and heat exchangers for commercial, industrial, military, and laboratory applications, designed and manufactured by Opti Temp, Inc. Our commercial chillers and heat exchangers generally target processes requiring well-engineered, reliable, tightly controlled applications.

Opti Temp's engineered heat transfer systems and cooling systems feature an “Advanced Refrigeration Capacity Control” (ARC). This industry leading, patented refrigeration circuitry provides several exclusive advantages over traditional temperature control methods. Opti Temp manufactures a wide range of industrial chillers that use this technology, including water chillers, air cooled chillers, portable liquid chillers, rack mounted chillers and heat exchangers.



Temperature Controllers

For over 40 years, Regloplas has designed and produced standard-of-excellence Temperature Control Units. Regloplas, the world’s leading manufacturer of TCU’s, has sales and service facilities in over 50 countries.


RJG, Inc.

Process controls, In-Cavity Sensors and Training

RJG is a recognized international leader in injection molding training, technology and resources.

The RJG eDART System™ revolutionized the industry by providing standardized parts processing and advanced diagnostic tools. A full complement of related products - sensors, installation kits, software modules and more - makes RJG an important supplier for companies looking to improve product quality and consistency, while optimizing efficiency and performance.

In addition, RJG provides both general interest and specialized training for injection molding professionals at all levels. Support and training are provided world-wide at RJG Regional Sales Offices throughout the world and via the Internet.