Burger & Brown Engineering offers the following special services to our clients:

Engineering -

Burger & Brown Engineering, Inc. is eager to make your job easier by engineering new products that fill a need for your injection molding process. If you have an idea to automate some aspect of your manufacturing, but don't know where to turn, tell us! Send us an e-mail (include your name, company, address and telephone number) with your product idea, or manufacturing challenge. We'd like to hear about it. We can help.

Special Packaging Available for Shipping-
If you have special needs for shipping, such as overseas regulations, Burger & Brown Engineering will do what it takes to get your order where it needs to be, when it needs to be there.

Fittings and Measurements Made to Many Different Standards-
Gallons, liters, feet, or meters, NPT or BSP threads- we can make it right for you.

Technical Support-
We support what we make! Whether you need an upgrade or are looking for a whole new setup, call on us for help. Our area distributor network means that a local assistance is usually nearby.