Mold Temperature Regulator

The Smartflow® Mold Temperature Regulator effectively controls mold cooling water temperature between 80°F and 120°F (27°C and 49°C) to maintain a steady mold temperature. Installed to control water flow exiting an injection mold, the Mold Temperature Regulator quietly recovers waste heat from the resin shot, working without electricity to reduce shop floor clutter and cut production costs. In many cases, it is a simple, inexpensive substitute for a conventional electric mold heater

Features and Benefits

Mold Temperature Regulator

  • Replaces conventional mold heaters
  • Low cost
  • Holds temperature regardless of variables
  • Unaffected by pressure changes
  • Control different temperature zones with multiple units
  • Unaffected by supply water temperature changes
  • Low maintenance
  • Uses no electricity
  • No floor space required
Three models available:
1/4" NPT inlet and 1/2" NPT outlet
1/4" quick-connect socket inlet and 1/4" quick-connect plug outlet
    3/8" quick-connect socket inlet and 3/8" quick-connect plug outlet

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