Virtual Scientific Coolingsm

Scientific Cooling Classes

How it works...

Our original 2-day class is broken down into 5 PowerPoint Presentation videos that are hosted on a learning platform available to the students who have registered.

We ship the manual and worksheets in advance of releasing the videos for viewing.

Students watch the videos and complete the worksheets for each day at their convenience before the scheduled discussion.

We schedule 1 hour of on-line discussion using "GoToMeeting" for 5 consecutive days at the same time of day.

Day 1: 1 hour video + 3 worksheets
Day 2:  2 hours video + 2 worksheets (we recommend taking a short break in the middle of this video)
Day 3: 1 hour and 10 minutes video
Day 4: 1-1/2 hours video + 2 worksheets
Day 5: 24-minute video + final exam

Videos are separated at logical points for content. We recommend at least 30 minutes of live scheduled discussion with the instructor at the end of the day on the first 4 days.
Day 5 will consist of discussion if needed and proctored exam to follow.

Participants will need
Access to a computer, desktop or notebook with a camera, microphone, and the ability to connect to the internet. Discussions and exam proctoring will happen via “Go To Meeting”
Printed manual and worksheets with additional reference material will be shipped in advance.



The next on-line class session with live discussions is scheduled for October, 18-22 2021 (discussion and exam time 2-3PM EDT daily).