DUOFLOW® Aluminum Manifolds

    DUOFLOW® Aluminum Manifolds

Duoflow Aluminum Manifolds are divided internally and color-coded red & blue to denote Supply and Return cooling in a compact arrangement. These manifolds have compressed port spacing and are designed for installation on injection molds in storage. By storing molds with water circuits pre-plumbed to the manifold, only one hookup for supply or return is needed. This is one of our Quick Mold Change techniques that save injection molders time and money.

Features and Benefits

  • 3/4", 1", and 1-1/2" inlet sizes (NPT or BSP)
  • 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" port sizes (NPT or BSP)
  • Red & Blue Anodized to denote Supply and Return circuits
  • Common sizes in stock
  • Custom manifolds made to order
  • Quick disconnect and hose barb fittings optional for convenience

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Quick Mold Change Guide

Quick Mold Change Tip:

Simplify your water connections by permanently mounting DUOFLOW® manifolds and individual cooling circuit lines directly to frequently used injection molds.

3-D CAD data for manifolds is available in most formats: