Tracer®vm Bluetooth Interface

TracerVM Bluetooth Interface

The Tracer®vm Bluetooth Interface is a means to view information transmitted from Tracer vm Base Flowmeters. Up to 8 input cables can be attached to the Tracer vm Bluetooth Interface. The interface transmits wirelessly via Bluetooth Technology to an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. The application is available for free download from iTunes™ or Google™ Play stores.

Mobile devices running the Smartflow application can view unlimited Tracer®vm Bluetooth Interface modules in the area. Temperature and flow rate information for each connected Tracer vm Base is displayed.

The Tracer®vm Bluetooth Interface is a cost-effective alternative to more sophisticated process monitoring equipment.


Features and Benefits

  • Transmits temperature and flow conditions in real time to mobile devices for process monitoring up to 20 meters away.
  • Gasketed, water-resistant plastic enclosure provides secure mounting in locations where occasional water spray is present.
  • Ethernet port is installed for future upgrade capability.
  • USB port provides cell phone or tablet charging plus future expansion.
  • Free Android or iOS app.


Smartphone with Tracervm app


  • Housing - NEMA4X Compliant
  • Operating Temperature - 0°C to 120°C (32°F to 248°F)
  • Maximum Wireless Range - 20 meters (65.6ft)
  • Maximum Sensor Distance to Bluetooth Interface - 3 meters (10ft)
  • Power Required - 8 to 28VDC with Earth Ground (required for signal integrity)
  • Cord Grips - 9 pieces liquid-tight (included)
  • Smartphone or Tablet purchased separately