• Target Flow Rate or Reynolds Number
  • Learn Heat Transfer<br>and Energy Flow Principles.
  • Download Product Files in 3D!
  • Explore Cooling Variables On Line
  • New Vortex Shedding Technology


This comprehensive 2-day class is for designers, mold builders, tooling engineers, and mold technicians who want to better understand and control the effects of mold cooling resulting in a more robust mold design, mold build, and molding process.

Scientific Cooling Classes


Turbulent Flow Calculator

Find the flow rate where your cooling water makes the biggest impact on heat transfer. Enter your water temperature, percent of Ethylene Glycol, cooling circuit shape and size. The calculator will show you the flow rate needed to achieve your desired Reynolds Number.
Read the User Guidelines to find out how the Reynolds Number is calculated and how it applies to injection molding.

Turbulent Flow Calculator with integral Hydraulic Diameter

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Scientific Cooling Calculator

Find the cooling water flow rate and the length of cooling circuit required to transfer heat away from common polymers to achieve ejection temperature. Enter your polymer type from our dropdown list, cycle time, shot weight and molding room temperature. Other parameters used are: Reynolds Number, water temperature, differential temperature and cooling circuit diameter. Change the variables to see the results. Do they match your expectations?

Scientific Cooling Calculator

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High Temperature Low Flow Indicator

High Temperature, Low Flow Indicators are ideal for use in critical pressurized hot water injection mold cooling circuits where flow is restricted and effective cooling is essential. High Temperature Low Flow Indicator